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Latest Stable Release: nchat-3.25pre3.tar.gz
Latest Development Release: nchat-3.32.tar.gz

Stable Branch

The feature list has been frozen now and no new functionality will be added to the 3.2x versions, only bug fixes will be released. Release Notes

The stable version of NexusChat is fairly old, but has been tested under a variety of circumstances and should fairly stable. If you are looking for some of the new and flashy features, I recommend getting the development version, but be advised, your upgrade cycle will probably be much more frequent.

Development Branch

This is the long-awaited update to NexusChat. There are many new additions and updates, so please check out the notes and the changelog. This is a BETA and has not had much testing done, so please report bugs as you find them! Release Notes

A few features you won't find in the stable release: