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The table below contains a list of all the commands available and their identifiers which are used in the nc_class file.

For information on editing the class file, see the Classes Tutorial

IdentifierCommand Use
CMD_HELPDisplays this command list
CMD_QUITLeaves NexusChat
CMD_HANDLESet your handle
CMD_ECHOToggles local echo
CMD_ANSIToggles ANSI color
CMD_ACTIONPerform an action
CMD_SETSet resource option
CMD_SAVESave your preferences now
CMD_SUSERSDisplay online users (# = extended)
CMD_PASSWDChange your password
CMD_PRIVATESend a private message
CMD_SQUELCHDisable /p's from user
CMD_INFODisplay NexusChat info
CMD_AFKSet your away message
CMD_MESSAGEDisplay system message
CMD_CHANNELSwitch to another channel
CMD_LASTDisplay users call stats
CMD_CIDisplay channel info
CMD_COToggle channel lock status
CMD_CKKick user from channel
CMD_CMGive user channel moderator status
CMD_CLSet channel limit
CMD_CLSList current channels
CMD_VOTEKILLVote to kill a guest
CMD_KILLDisconnected a user
CMD_RELOGSend user back to login
CMD_LOGDisplay last ten system log entries
CMD_GTIME(+) Give (-) Take (=) Set time to (time)
CMD_BANDELRemove an IP ban (match exactly)
CMD_BANLISTDisplay IP ban list
CMD_UEEnter user editor
CMD_USDisplay user info
CMD_UDDelete user
CMD_LURKToggle Lurk flag
CMD_RESETReset a node
CMD_LOCKToggles the locked status
CMD_STAPLEGive guests extra time
CMD_PAGERPage another user
CMD_NEWSAdd / remove news items
CMD_CSClass commands
CMD_MAILView / send email
CMD_TALKTO'Address' someone in a channel
CMD_KILLBANKill and ban a user/ip for a certain period of time
CMD_EHELPExtended help command
CMD_ZHANDLEChange another node's handle
CMD_ZCLASSChange a user's class
CMD_ZTEXTOutput raw text
CMD_ZFREEZEToggle a user's input lock
CMD_STAMPToggle time stamps
CMD_CLSList all channels with information
CMD_USERSList all registered user accounts
CMD_ZHALTShutdown the server