05/11/05 Minor Bug Fixes! 3.32 Released!
05/10/05 Updated 'Demo Server' link to work.
05/09/05 3.32 will be released soon! I have been in the process of moving and haven't had much time to work on NexusChat, but I have cleaned up some code and fixed a few bugs. Hopefully now that I am settled I can start working on some new features.
01/27/05 SORRY! For some reason I didn't catch the bug that failed to compile on 3.3, so 3.31 has been released that fixes this problem.
01/25/05 3.3 Final Released!
01/18/05 3.3-BETA9 Released

NexusChat Overview

NexusChat is a single-threaded telnet chat server written in C. NexusChat, also known as nchat, has been around since 1998. It's look and feel is heavily influenced by the old dial-up chats and BBSs such as DDial, GTalk, and Minichat.

The development branch of NexusChat currently supports ANSI/VT100 colors, named channels (IRC-like), customizable user classes, many system and user options, and over 50 commands!

There are too many features to list here, so if you'd like to see a more comprehensive list, please take a look at the Features page

NexusChat is a nostalgic throwback to the days of the small community BBS. It is NOT a replacement for IRC or the like, and is meant to serve a small community of users.


The main goal of NexusChat is to be small and customizable, but provide a rich feature set. NexusChat does not need any external database software or obscure libraries. It should compile on any Unix system with the standard C library, and possibly a sockets library depending on the OS.

The second goal of NexusChat is to be portable across as many Unix platforms as possible. I don't support, nor intend to support any Windows platforms.

I have tested it in Windows XP under CYGWIN and it does appear to run fine, but please do not email me asking how to compile it under CYGWIN or questions about running under Windows.